El Buen Sabor was founded in 2009 by Adriana Camas, an entrepreneur from Chiapas, Mexico that has years of experiences in the culinary industry with a passion for creating delicious dishes using her family recipes. She has been collaborating with companies like Aramark, Microsoft, and similar ones.

"All natural, organic, fresh and made from scratch"

Our experienced team delivers and execute yout event's details at a high level using high-quality ingredients, professional equipment, detailed recipes, and time-tested processes. All you need to do is show up and enjoy the food.



Beef of chicken barbecue, Chiapas style. Using our family recipe passed by generations, we create a unique dish that you and your guests will enjoy.


Authentic Mexican tamales of chicken, pork or beef. We have a large variety of options for your event.


Using high-quality boneless pork shoulder and simmering with our fresh spices until reach the perfect terderness.

Try us today, and taste our authentic flavors

We offer only the best and freshest of what is seasonally acailable. With ideals rooted in providing only top-notch local and sustainable ingredients, we treat our food with love and respect. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will make it tasty.

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